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French Press Brew Guide


 Grind size: Course, Baratza Encore setting 28

Ratio: 1/17 For this guide, 35 grams coffee, 600 grams water

Water temp: 202 degrees

Brew time: 4:00 minute steep, five minute total

Step one: Prep

  • Preheat kettle to 202 degrees

  • Grind beans on a course setting

  • Drop grounds into your French press and level out

Step two: pour

  • Set your French press on the scale, tare it, and pour up to 600 grams

  • Give the slurry (water and grounds mixture) a quick stir with a spoon or by swirling your French press

  • Place the plunger on top but do not plunge

  • Start time

DSC00010 (1).jpg
DSC00203 (1).jpg

Step three: Plunge and pour

  • After four minutes, Slowly press the plunger down to the bottom of your French press

  • Pour and enjoy!

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