Nicaragua Aldea Retail Bags

Nicaragua Aldea Retail Bags

Nicaragua Aldea

Tierre Madre Lot

100% Women Produced

1,100-1,400 MASL


Variety: Caturra and Catuai


Tierre Madre is produced exclusively by women coffee producers in Jinotega. Through the purchase of Tierre Madre coffee, femal producers receiver an extra premium to help obtain legal title of their land.




Since 2002 Aldea Global has invested in women's empowerment via micro-loans allowing increased entrepreneurial activities. In 2012, via women's specialtiy coffe sales, Aldea facilitated land titles in female names. In Nicaragua only 15% of women have land for titles that are key to accessing loans for production as well as changing land tenure for future generations.



Aldea Global was the first small farmer's association in Nicaragua to certify exclusively its Womens members specialty produced coffee below the seal, "Con Manos de Mujer" or, "With Women's Hands"



"After 40 years of laboring to produce and pick coffee, I can proudly say I own this land for the first time! My children will share this inheritance." -Juana Fransisca Castro


Tasting Notes: Pecan, cherry, candied almond