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Our Story

10% of all profits are donated to our mission



Many people enjoy coffee, but few are aware of its impacts on the places where it is grown and processed. Most coffee is grown in developing nations and research indicates that those nations only receive 10% of the economic gains for the coffee they grow. This means that farmers are paid extremely low wages and ironically do not earn enough to drink the coffee they work so tirelessly to provide to the rest of us. Creating poverty is not the only problem with the coffee industry, there are extremely detrimental environmental impacts as well. Clearing of land for coffee farms is a major source of deforestation and large coffee farms also produce significant amounts of pollution and other environmental damages.

More about coffee's impact and what we can do


While we truly love coffee, we hate the negative impacts that is has on the communities where it is grown. We have a vision for a coffee industry that will establish thriving villages in places like Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua. We want our business to be one that improves the quality of life for farmers and coffee communities, not one that exploits. This initiative begins with buying coffee from ethical providers. We are proud to say that all Yaggy coffee is single-origin, direct trade, and sourced from small farms that pay fair wages and hold high standards for environmental sustainability.


We are lucky enough to have a strong relationship with a farming cooperative in Costa Rica called Cafe Con Amor. This contact emphasizes social enterprise for farmers and environmental sustainability. Their “Farmers Access Project” is an initiative designed to improve life for coffee farmers. This project depicts once poor coffee farmers enjoying coffee grown with their own hands for the first time, now being able to afford it along with many necessities due to fair wages. Sadly these living standards are not given to many farmers in the coffee industry. Cafe Con Amor also takes it upon themselves to help out local schools and farmers who might be in need.

Café Con Amor

Giving Back

In addition to finding ethical providers, we donate 10% of all profits back to the communities that provide our coffee. When you buy any Yaggy coffee or merchandise, you are also contributing to donations given to schools, farmers, and other local causes in the developing nations where we buy our coffee. Part of this mission will include updating customers on what exactly that money is being used for and how it is improving life for others. So far we have been able to help build a wall around the house of one of our farmers where before there was only a tarp protecting him and his family from the wind and rain in Costa Rica and we hope to do many more things like this.


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